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I never knew the day would come: Sunday July 31st, 2016. With a serious and somber face, my daughter called me into her room and showed me from her iPad what she found out. She showed me a news article about Nolan. She said she was thinking of some people from the past and decided to Google his name (not sure why this post did not come up on her search). Tears started to flow from her eyes and so were mine. She said she wished she believed her younger brother 3 years ago when he said her friend has died. She thought he was just messing up with her. Then she realized me asking her what would you feel if one of your friends has died? She said she’d be devastated.

Since she just found out 3 days ago, she said it felt like it happened just a couple days ago. But glad she just found out because she felt more matured now, especially on a spiritual level.

In the middle of tears and chuckle, she started reminiscing about their times together. She said she was positive he was hitting on her at the gym, and now she wished she reciprocated the feelings for a while. I said, “like what… at 12 years old or something?! He was so quiet!” She said it’s coz he was a deep thinker, but deep inside of him, he knew he was kind of a goofball (silly). She said this in a fond way.

Then I told her that I knew – but did not tell her about this post.

My daughter then said, “That’s why we really NEED the Resurrection.” Yes, indeed. There is no one that our Lord Jesus cannot resurrect in the last days. Lazarus who had been dead for 4 days, he was able to resurrect!

Then I told her about a little story I saw at the latest “Coffee Time Post” newsletter that people can pick up from the entrance of convenience stores like Wawa. It’s about a rich old man who, along with his son, collected very expensive original paintings from around the world: Monet, Rembrandt…. The son became an expert, an art connoisseur, that his father became very proud of him.

Then war came and the son was drafted. One day, there was news that he was missing. So the old man still hoped for his son’s return. Eventually, he got news confirming his son has died. He was in deep grief. One day, a young man came with a package. He said he was a friend of his son. He said he was one of the many whose lives were saved by him. He opened the package to reveal a simple painting of his son that has remarkable resemblance of his likeness – a gift to the father. Days passed and the father showed it to other people and said that the painting of his son is the most precious of the ones he owns. It gave him so much joy.

Later on, the father died so there was a huge auction for their collection of paintings. Wealthy people from all over the world came. The place was abuzz with excitement. The auctioneer starts with the announcement that the first one to be auctioned was the son’s painting. He then started calling for bids. People start to complain and yelled “Forget that lame painting! Go on with the more valuable ones!” No one wants to bid on the son’s painting.

Finally, one of the spectators who happened to be a friend of the old man said, “I will take it. But I only have $10.” The auctioneer said “$10! Anyone wants to bid higher than that?!” The crowd screamed and said “Give it to him so we can move on!” The auctioneer said again, “Going once, going twice! Sold for $10! Auction over!”

“What?!” the people shockingly said. “We even have not started bidding on the important ones!”

The auctioneer said, “It’s over. The Father’s Will is that whoever takes the Son gets it all!”

So that is how the story ended.

My daughter then thanked me and said she felt better hearing this beautiful story. She knew what this story symbolizes. And with gratitude for the ransom sacrifice of the Son, we have the prospect of living forever. One day soon, they will hear his voice calling on their names and saying “Come out!”

Here is a beautiful article giving real hope for those whose beloved ones are currently sleeping and resting in peace. But very much alive and active in God’s memory, that he could not wait for the day that His son “will call and they will answer. They will live at his command. For he will have a longing, for the work, of his own hands…..”



Listen to one of the most beautiful songs ever composed in the history of mankind – for it gives the Greatest Hope: That is, to live forever.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B_pjmHuOOY (Inspired from Job 14:13-14)

Life, like a mist, appears for just a day,
Then disappears tomorrow.
All that we are can quickly fade away,
Replaced with tears and sorrow.
If a man should die, can he live again?
Hear the promise God has made:


Song copyrighted. Continuation of Lyrics here:


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Quote 26b

Death is never a natural thing – and so is the pain that comes along with it. Why else would humans leave their material possessions behind to desperately save their lives in the face of disaster? No matter how much you tell people they will go to heaven when they die, no one seems convinced enough to depart now. – Anna on This Writer’s Delight

Quote 26a


[After watching the Titanic for the umpteenth time]

Ponder and try to put these Biblical puzzle pieces together. They are just fragments from a beautiful portrait of things to come.

And the sea gave up the dead in it…” – Revelation 20:13

Ecclesiastes 3:11, Psalm 37:10-11, Revelation 21:4


Image Source: http://www.download-free-wallpaper.com/image/sea-wallpapers-free-download40cvpiudlw

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Part of my work as an information technology professional is to update a state agency’s website. One of the web pages I maintain presents a week by week update of traffic fatalities on Delaware highways that compares the numbers from last year to this year on the same month and day.

Since the data are made available to the public, I will take the liberty to publish them here on my blog (on captured images to make comparisons).
TrafficFatalitiesAsOfJan27_DelDOT TrafficFatalitiesAsOfFeb3_DelDOT

The goal of my agency is to lessen, no, to put to ZERO actually the number of deaths on Delaware roadways – which we can all agree is more of a wishful thinking than a reality we can achieve and even with my agency’s best intentions (less number of fatalities is of course always good news). That is because the distractions in our lives seem to increase day by day. What with the busier and more complicated lives we lead (relationship woes, etc.), extracurricular activities, nonstop errands and the endless social networking apps we just need to be in tune with (so we can see what our online “friends” are up to…..or at least what they are eating at the moment). And to mention the fact that even with cell phone laws in Delaware banning the use of hand held cell phones, I still see many people holding their cell phones next to their ears while driving. From experience, I know that even with hands-free cell phone conversation, my focus on the road while driving is tremendously lessened because when I arrive at my destination, the driving activity becomes a blur due to the fact that my focus is on that important conversation I am having with a friend. Once arrived, I’d say, “Oh my, how did I get here?”

Change must come therefore from within ourselves. What are our priorities? Can things wait? What’s our focus in life? Is something so important that it puts our lives and the lives of others in danger? What are the things that truly matter to us?

The unfortunate souls who died from vehicle accident this past week in Delaware may very well be victims of a simple but dangerous distraction (alcohol was not involved). And without knowing who they were and where in Delaware it happened, we can easily see from statistics that three people have died between January 28th to February 2nd. Three. One is already too many. But three is too much.

Then it suddenly struck on me. Like an impending doom, something has not happened yet but it WILL be bound to happen. Not in a prophetic way in the distant future but next week, seven days from today, maybe two. The Grim Reaper will turn up on a Delaware roadway. Like an angel of death that passed over the Israelite homes in ancient Egypt on its way to take the lives of Egyptian firstborns, so he will take some with him. Therefore, when I make my next update on February 10th, the number of fatalities will probably be up from 5 to who knows what number. And if it does, who will these people be? Would I have known them? Have I met them before? Do these people know that by the end of this week, they will be dead?

Here I am, with my list of things to do for work. “Mondays: Update in the morning the number of traffic fatalities from last week” (as if it’s just a mainframe batch job that needs to run on a weekly basis). In other words, stating it in a more forbidding manner: “Mondays: display the data on the number of people who will die in the next 7 days – regardless of who they may be: man, woman or child.”

I just wish that it will remain at 5 for the rest of the year, but I cannot play god. Even God Himself does not want it to go up.

Forget the increase in numbers from last year. It already happened. We can no longer do anything about it. But for this year, we still can. I still can. You still can. We can all do our best by not being a part of statistics. Keep in mind though that “time and unforeseen occurrence” can befall us all. We do not know what will happen tomorrow or an hour from now (unless the ceiling over my head collapses, which at its current structural status is very unlikely).

The three souls who have died were still alive on January 28th. Little did they know that their count will be included in my update today – whoever they were. All I know based from statistics is that of the three fatalities, two of them were wearing seat belts, one was not. Was it a one vehicle accident? Did it involve two cars? Were they separate incidents on different dates?

Next week, how many will it be? And again the question: WHO will it be? We do not know. No one knows. But one thing for sure, it will be someone’s mother, child, father, sister, brother or friend. And at least one person will die for the remainder of this year.

It sounds pessimistic but this is our reality. We all can hope for zero number of traffic deaths but unfortunately, the Grim Reaper is just not willing yet to retire.
The Grim Reaper is of course created in one’s imagination from a long time ago. The symbolic manifestation of death, used as personification of an entity that takes people’s lives away – always on the lookout for its next victim or the next human in line to pass on from this life to another realm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_(personification).

The Bible points out that in death, we go to a state of non-existence but will be resurrected on the Lord’s day when the last enemy (death) will be brought to nothing. For now, we have to contend with our ugly reality: death is all around us. It is a fact of life. In war zones, in hospital death beds, in communities all over the world, and yes not very far from where I am, on Delaware roadways.

### End ###

Statistical Source: http://www.deldot.gov/dashboard/safety.shtml?type=total

I have seen something further under the sun, that the swift do not always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle, nor do the wise always have the food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches, nor do those with knowledge always have success, because time and unexpected events overtake them all. – Ecclesiastes 9:11

And the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing. – 1 Corinthians 15:26

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