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What is worse than being single is being with the wrong person.
– source unknown


Love or being in love is such a wonderful thing. It can be a blessing and a source of joy.

But if you are in a relationship that gives you pain and sorrow, either you work it out to the best of your ability, seek help if you must, or move on (this is the hard part and I wish you the best in this quest).

So, are you single? Or are you partnered. To those of you happily married, “tied-up” and settled: I am happy for you.

A long time ago, when I see a couple walking down the street holding hands, I felt sad for myself. I no longer feel that way. In fact, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I am happy for them. It’s because I have reached emotional contentment and have been blissfully single for many years now.

How did I do it? Read the “Emotional Growth” part of my post “Lessons on Growth.” If you are bouncing from one relationship to another, you may gain some insight from this post:


Being alone and free* reminds me of the song “Alone Again and Free” that I’ve known since I was a teenager. I never knew that one day, I can finally apply the title to myself.

But unlike the lyrics of this song, no one (thankfully) asks me out for a date. Not that I’ve gained some weight but I believe it’s mainly because I do not put myself out there. I am not waiting for a special man to call on me, and I thank God for it for He has filled the void. He has a timetable, and it is through His will that I concede.


Alone Again and Freehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQHJJSbFzVk

* Please note that I do not mean that married people are not free. If you are happily married, that’s freedom. One can be single and not be free. In what sense? If you are single and sad for being single, that is not freedom. It is the freedom from the cycle of unsuccessful (and even toxic) relationships and freedom from emotional longing that I am talking about here.


Image source: quotesgram.com


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I never knew the day would come: Sunday July 31st, 2016. With a serious and somber face, my daughter called me into her room and showed me from her iPad what she found out. She showed me a news article about Nolan. She said she was thinking of some people from the past and decided to Google his name (not sure why this post did not come up on her search). Tears started to flow from her eyes and so were mine. She said she wished she believed her younger brother 3 years ago when he said her friend has died. She thought he was just messing up with her. Then she realized me asking her what would you feel if one of your friends has died? She said she’d be devastated.

Since she just found out 3 days ago, she said it felt like it happened just a couple days ago. But glad she just found out because she felt more matured now, especially on a spiritual level.

In the middle of tears and chuckle, she started reminiscing about their times together. She said she was positive he was hitting on her at the gym, and now she wished she reciprocated the feelings for a while. I said, “like what… at 12 years old or something?! He was so quiet!” She said it’s coz he was a deep thinker, but deep inside of him, he knew he was kind of a goofball (silly). She said this in a fond way.

Then I told her that I knew – but did not tell her about this post.

My daughter then said, “That’s why we really NEED the Resurrection.” Yes, indeed. There is no one that our Lord Jesus cannot resurrect in the last days. Lazarus who had been dead for 4 days, he was able to resurrect!

Then I told her about a little story I saw at the latest “Coffee Time Post” newsletter that people can pick up from the entrance of convenience stores like Wawa. It’s about a rich old man who, along with his son, collected very expensive original paintings from around the world: Monet, Rembrandt…. The son became an expert, an art connoisseur, that his father became very proud of him.

Then war came and the son was drafted. One day, there was news that he was missing. So the old man still hoped for his son’s return. Eventually, he got news confirming his son has died. He was in deep grief. One day, a young man came with a package. He said he was a friend of his son. He said he was one of the many whose lives were saved by him. He opened the package to reveal a simple painting of his son that has remarkable resemblance of his likeness – a gift to the father. Days passed and the father showed it to other people and said that the painting of his son is the most precious of the ones he owns. It gave him so much joy.

Later on, the father died so there was a huge auction for their collection of paintings. Wealthy people from all over the world came. The place was abuzz with excitement. The auctioneer starts with the announcement that the first one to be auctioned was the son’s painting. He then started calling for bids. People start to complain and yelled “Forget that lame painting! Go on with the more valuable ones!” No one wants to bid on the son’s painting.

Finally, one of the spectators who happened to be a friend of the old man said, “I will take it. But I only have $10.” The auctioneer said “$10! Anyone wants to bid higher than that?!” The crowd screamed and said “Give it to him so we can move on!” The auctioneer said again, “Going once, going twice! Sold for $10! Auction over!”

“What?!” the people shockingly said. “We even have not started bidding on the important ones!”

The auctioneer said, “It’s over. The Father’s Will is that whoever takes the Son gets it all!”

So that is how the story ended.

My daughter then thanked me and said she felt better hearing this beautiful story. She knew what this story symbolizes. And with gratitude for the ransom sacrifice of the Son, we have the prospect of living forever. One day soon, they will hear his voice calling on their names and saying “Come out!”

Here is a beautiful article giving real hope for those whose beloved ones are currently sleeping and resting in peace. But very much alive and active in God’s memory, that he could not wait for the day that His son “will call and they will answer. They will live at his command. For he will have a longing, for the work, of his own hands…..”



Listen to one of the most beautiful songs ever composed in the history of mankind – for it gives the Greatest Hope: That is, to live forever.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B_pjmHuOOY (Inspired from Job 14:13-14)

Life, like a mist, appears for just a day,
Then disappears tomorrow.
All that we are can quickly fade away,
Replaced with tears and sorrow.
If a man should die, can he live again?
Hear the promise God has made:


Song copyrighted. Continuation of Lyrics here:

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Not spending time with good older friends is like going on a trip to a faraway land and deciding to stay in your hotel room. Before you know, it’s time to catch the last train to go home. You missed the fun, adventure and precious opportunity to a treasure trove of experience and window to the past.
– Anna on This Writer’s Delight

Quote 27 gray headedness

Gray hair is a crown of beauty, when it is found in the way of righteousness. – Proverbs 16:31


Image Source: http://theodysseyonline.com/notre-dame/young-years-heart/136916

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