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Not spending time with good older friends is like going on a trip to a faraway land and deciding to stay in your hotel room. Before you know, it’s time to catch the last train to go home. You missed the fun, adventure and precious opportunity to a treasure trove of experience and window to the past.
– Anna on This Writer’s Delight

Quote 27 gray headedness

Gray hair is a crown of beauty, when it is found in the way of righteousness. – Proverbs 16:31


Image Source: http://theodysseyonline.com/notre-dame/young-years-heart/136916


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From the moment when you discover you have achieved your dream. And realised that your dream isn’t enough. There is something… lacking.” – French actress Carole Bouquet


Could this be what is “lacking?” [Read: The Vanity of it All]


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my heart breaks for the Syrian refugees

descendants of Aram, son of Shem, son of Noah

your brothers and sisters – and mine too….. 

– Anna on This Writers Delight

Man, born of woman, is short-lived+ and filled with trouble. – Job 14:1


Image source: http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/11/world/syria-refugee-crisis-when-war-displaces-half-a-country/index.html

More reads: https://en.blog.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/on-the-run-blogging-the-european-refugee-crisis/

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